Wednesday, April 21, 2010

disaffected with missiology

I have been doing a lot of reading trying to finish classes lately. I am somewhat jaded by the examples and test cases used in most missions books. Over 90% of the examples have come from tribal settings at least 20 years ago. Why are so few writing about contemporary cultures? Why are so few writing about urban centers. When we thing of the urban world, we always think of the technologically advanced western cultures. When you see a top 100 list, the majority of the top 100 cities are in "3rd world" countries. We seriously need some thought and reflection there as the world is racing into global urbanism.


Celia said...

Still a major issue in anthro texts as well... examples are often from societies 50 years ago, with only a few scattered examples from today.

Rastis said...

Thanks. When you consider how much the world has changed in just the last 20 years alone or just how 9-11 has affected the politics in all of the western countries, there is a great need to update our content and look into current issues.