Saturday, September 4, 2010

crazy love, crazy pastor

Francis Chan recently announced that he is leaving his pastorate, moving to an impoverished, and then starting over.  If you don't already know of him, you might remember him from this video which floated around the web a while back:

Mark Driscoll and Josh Harris recently interviewed him.  They had several good questions for him, and he had many good responses.  One of the better questions had to be the question about reverse prosperity-prosperity gospel.  Where the prosperity gospel is that God blesses and sanctifies through riches, the reverse version, often motivated out of guilt, is where God blesses the Ascetic.  You will have to read his response.  We are often all too quick in dismissing the part about selling all we have.  And while that might not be for everyone, if just churches with gazillions in the bank would be willing to let it go, then we could single handedly end a lot of problems--as far as money is concerned.  Chan describes his personal wealth and admits that he could write a check to start a hospital.  I don't believe that he is guilty of poverty-theology.  It must be nice to be in a position to be able to be generous and impact a hurting world.  It is good to see people who are willing walk the walk.

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