Thursday, October 15, 2009

help wanted: bloggers needed

I need your help and I need it fast!  This is a blogging project for church planters, missiologists, strategists, sociologists, missionaries, and urban minded folk {any of those people can be actual, armchair, or wannabe status}.  I need your help getting the word out to and recruiting  imagethese people.  I am stealing Ed Stetzer's idea wherein he recently used a number of bloggers to cover his vision trip to Taiwan
Here is the project.  In the Oct 5, 2009 edition of TIME magazine, they are starting a special project in Detroit {you need to find that copy and read the entry article on Detroit}.  They have purchased a house and moved some of their staff to Detroit for a year to cover the city.  They will be analyzing what went wrong, and possible solutions for making it proper.  You can find their stuff on the web.  For those who agree to blog with me, I am asking you to subscribe to their blog, and provide theological and missiological interaction with their articles, data, and opinions.  I believe that other cities can learn much from the decline and, hopefully, rise of Detroit. 
Just to pique your interest, here are some sobering facts:
  • The city's population has plummeted from just over two million in 1950 to barely 900,000 in 2000.
  • Detroit was once the 4th largest city; now it is the 11th.
  • The median price of a house is now $8,000.
  • 25% of the available houses are from foreclosures.
  • Unemployment rate is almost 30%.
  • 20% of postal addresses city wide are unoccupied. 
  • There are 56 census tracts that are there are above 30% unoccupied.  Five of those tracts are 50% and greater unoccupied.
  • 7 in 10 murders go unsolved.
  • Check out this photo essay.
Here is the skinny: TIME attributes the fall to four things.  First there were the race riots and "white flight."  Second, Mayor Coleman Young practiced the politics of retribution and isolation.  Third and fourth, the economy collapsed at the triumvirate hands of stalled auto makers, unions, and pandering politicians.   
Some initial questions I have to get you started are {relate everything back to your context-what are the lessons and insights here?}:
  • What is the role of racism in the decline of Detroit?  How does this relate to wight flight in your city? 
  • How could the church have prevented wight flight?
  • As America "browns" and whites move into majority minority status in most urban centers, what should be their outlook on their place in the future?
  • What is the role of the church in restoring the city?
  • How has the church failed?
  • What role has greed played, both corporate and individual, if any, in the economic crash?  In what way is your city and church partaking in greed which is going to lead to their decline?
So here is what I need from you:
  • Read the Oct 5th article on Detroit.
  • Subscribe to TIME's Detroit blog.
  • Blog {please let me know if you are doing this}
  • Pray
  • Mobilize
If I get enough feedback and interest I will set up a group blog wherein we can syndicate our posts.  If someone out there can make us a logo, that would be great as well.

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